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January 21, 2012

Androitism – bits and bobs for the busy Android coder.

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I did it. I am moving my blog to Posterous. If you’re interested in all sorts of technical short articles related to Android programming, here’s the link:

If you’re wondering who the hell I am (fair enough): I’m currently employed at Qype where I lead development in Qype’s mobile products team, the A-Team (Apps and API). I am an Android enthusiast and early adopter, with about 4 years of experience in Android programming (yes those days where Android was only–and barely–running on the Nokia i810), and I co-authored the Manning book Android in Practice. Some people may know me from my work on Droid-Fu / ignition, Signpost OAuth, Calculon, gradle-android-plugin and maven-android-plugin, and my tendency to start projects in my spare time and never finish them. There, I said it. Now go blame me for those Droid-Fu samples that I owe you since about 3 years.


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